Popathon Berlin

Co-create the future of web-native storytelling!

Popathon is an international series of hack jams and workshops bringing together media makers, technologists and designers to prototype the future of web-native storytelling.

Popathon was a great experience, highly recommend it to anyone working on a web doc.

Paulina Tervo, Filmmaker

I thought it was great. It was a good combination of people, there were some great filmmakers with some great material and some good developers and we were all inspired by each other.

Mark Boas, Web Developer

Something like today is really important in terms of bringing people together across these different skillsets and bringing them into an easy conversation.

Mandy Rose, Director DCRC, University of the West of England

On June, 17-18 2016 we got together in Berlin to co-create video-based web-native storytelling: sharable short-form video, interactive storylines, hypermedia.

Explore the amazing prototypes created at Popathon Berlin #2 on hackdash!

On Mai, 8-9 2015 we got together for the first Berlin Popathon

Explore the all prototypes created at Popathon Berlin #1 on hackdash!

Daniel Gona
Daniel Gona
Facilitator and Mentor

Daniel is a business design consultant based in Berlin.

His core areas are hypermedia as well as the intersection of branding and business model innovation.

Daniel is initiator and co-organiser of Popathon Berlin.

Julia Karmo
Julia Karmo

Julia is a journalist, producer and editor based in Berlin.

She co-founded MigrationMatters, a micro-course project that aims to bring out evidence about migration to the wider public. She has spent the past 10 years reporting on foreign news around the world for Sky News and the Associated Press.

Julia is co-organiser of Popathon Berlin.

Philo van Kemenade
Philo van Kemenade
Facilitator and Mentor

Philo initiated Popathon to boost the development of an interactive storytelling language that fits the nature of the web.

Philo combines video, data and the web to make storytelling more engaging and have it reach wider audiences. His expertise in Artificial Intelligence and passion for filmmaking brought him to London, where he researched data-driven storytelling using user-generated online video as its building blocks. He believes we are currently lacking an interactive storytelling language that fits the nature of the web and feels we need multidisciplinary experimentation to move this field forward.