Next events :

Dublin – 26th-27th April at Dark Light Festival

Leuven – 7th May at DocVille

Barcelona – 30th-31th of May during DocsBarcelona

Popathon creative hack jams give participants hands-on experience creating interactive stories on the web. Visual storytellers, JavaScript coders and Graphic & UI Designers get together to exchange skills and collaborate on real-world projects. We’ll introduce open source tools like Popcorn.js, a JavaScript library that integrates the web into media production. You team up to design interfaces, create new open-source code and demo prototypes of your own interactive web-native stories.


Learning, making and sharing

Teams compete against the clock, not against each other. The hack jam is a great opportunity to learn about new tools and tricks by creative collaboration. Test early and often and be ready for the evening screening, where your web-native narrative may be selected for the Participants’ Choice Award.

Bring whatever you’ll need to hack with. Charged laptops with production software, external drives with footage or have everything online. Also bring headphones, as you’ll be working in a shared space. We encourage bringing ideas and content for your own projects!

What we aim for during the weekend is to create prototypes: projects that try out a focussed piece of functionality by using the capability of the web to create an interactive story experience. On the last evening, after presenting the work to the group, all prototypes will be also shared with the world as open-source repositories.

popathon learning by sharing and making

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